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Why Do Hotels Smell So Good

Article: Why Do Hotels Smell So Good

Why Do Hotels Smell So Good

We all know the ability of “that” song to transport us to a treasured moment in time, but our auditory sensors are definitely runners up when it comes to that of the subconscious molding created by our sense of smell. And it’s no wonder, being as this is the only sense that’s fully developed from the moment you make your dramatic entrance to the world: the reason you know your mother is from that first embrace, and why her special scent will whisk you back to a place of safety and childhood memories, no matter how old you might be today.

Smell is key, in more ways than one, and the very reason that the smartest of hotels spend a huge proportion of their branding budget on creating signature fragrances that envelop you throughout the building.

From your nose to your heart to your brain

Psychologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist, Rachel Herz, from Brown University, and many other research studies have demonstrated that aromas are far more potent triggers for memory than that of visual stimuli. So the next time you walk into a hotel and breathe in that rather lovely scent, it’s all down to triggering your brain to associate that particular fragrance with the hotel.

So how do they do it?hotel scent diffuser

It’s all thanks to a clever gizmo known as an HVAC scent diffuser. These are ultra-quiet attachments to heating/air conditioning systems that use high amounts of air pressure to deliver nanoparticles of scented oils uniformly around a room, area, or building. Thanks to this latest technology it’s possible to ensure a subtle, constant, eco-friendly manner of creating a sanctuary where a chosen aroma triggers the deep emotions, and this creates a subliminal link between the smell and the location.

But why do hotels smell SO good?

Ah! Now that’s all down to the science of scent branding. Top luxury hotel chains, such as The Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental use the power of scent to brand themselves. They delve into the regions of their customer's brain by piping a luxury smelling fragrance throughout the building that instantly increases the quality of how their customers perceive the hotel. Customers will not only be impressed with the scent they are taking in but will now have a specific aroma they can associate with the hotel itself.

Re-create that same aroma in all of your hotel locations around the world and voila! A link between your brand and that distinctive, crafted scent.

Can I do the same at home, or in my business?

Absolutely! And you don’t need the multi-million-dollar marketing allowance such global brands possess either. We have smaller scent diffusers available for home use and small business areas as well. Or perhaps you love candles and reeds, which certainly create the desired effect in rooms such as the living room or bathroom. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bath by candlelight?

Hotel Scents is the expert in bringing deliciously elegant scents into a space and have a wide variety of means by which to do so. From the simplest of diffuser through to HVAC powered tech, if you want to re-create the scent of a favorite hotel at home, or perhaps want to dabble in the power of scent branding within your business, then their top team can assist, or even create a unique scent perfectly targeted for your needs. 

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