The Scent of 1 Hotel, Miami

Can't get the tantalizing scent of the 1 Hotel Miami out of your head? Well your not alone! The scent permeating throughout the 1 Hotel and Homes in Miami is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hotel scents. 

Check out the My Way Scent Collection, which was inspired by the 1 Hotel and Homes® brand. This masterpiece is the perfect balance between sensuality, ruggedness and luxury. It is a woody and alluring blend of sandalwood, Virginia cedar and iris. These notes are beautifully complemented with delicate violet and a hint of tuscan leather and finished off with sensual amber.

The My Way scent that is inspired by 1 Hotel is available in a Candle, Reed Diffuser, or Scent Bottle that can be used in our Scent Diffusers.


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    Hi Giuliana! You can purchase our My Way scent that is inspired by the One Hotel® Miami on our online store and it can be shipped to Italy. This scent is available in a candle, reed diffuser, or scent bottle that is used in our scent diffusers! Visit to view these products.

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    Hi Erin! Our My Way scent is inspired by the One Hotel®. You can find this scent in a candle, reed, & scent bottle by visiting

  • ERin ANderson

    Looking for the scent from hotel one or it might be
    One hotel

  • GIuliana FIorentini

    I fell in love with the fragrance embracing me while in Miami … is there a chance I can find yr home scent , candle and if available body fragrance over here in Italy ?? A prompt and kind reply of yours would be highly appreciated. Giuliana

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