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The Scent of 1 Hotel, Miami

Article: The Scent of 1 Hotel, Miami

The Scent of 1 Hotel, Miami

Can't get the tantalizing scent of the 1 Hotel Miami out of your head? Well your not alone! The scent permeating throughout the 1 Hotel and Homes in Miami is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hotel scents. 

Check out the My Way Scent Collection, which was inspired by the 1 Hotel and Homes® brand. This masterpiece is the perfect balance between sensuality, ruggedness and luxury. It is a woody and alluring blend of sandalwood, Virginia cedar and iris. These notes are beautifully complemented with delicate violet and a hint of tuscan leather and finished off with sensual amber.

The My Way scent that is inspired by 1 Hotel is available in a Candle, Reed Diffuser, or Scent Bottle that can be used in our Scent Diffusers.


Hi Giuliana! You can purchase our My Way scent that is inspired by the One Hotel® Miami on our online store and it can be shipped to Italy. This scent is available in a candle, reed diffuser, or scent bottle that is used in our scent diffusers! Visit to view these products.

Hotel Scents

Hi Erin! Our My Way scent is inspired by the One Hotel®. You can find this scent in a candle, reed, & scent bottle by visiting

Hotel Scents

Looking for the scent from hotel one or it might be
One hotel

ERin ANderson

I fell in love with the fragrance embracing me while in Miami … is there a chance I can find yr home scent , candle and if available body fragrance over here in Italy ?? A prompt and kind reply of yours would be highly appreciated. Giuliana

GIuliana FIorentini

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