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Attracting and retaining customers are two key elements for any successful business. 

On the surface, these concepts sound simple: Deliver a good service, fulfill your promises, and make quality products. 

Achieving these goals should be a priority for any business, particularly a retail store. Unfortunately, there are plenty of different challenges that can prevent this from happening.

How Times Have Changed

While the internet has made all our lives a lot simpler, it also brought about particular challenges for businesses. Pretty much anything can be ordered online these days, whether its clothes, food, or furniture, and customers are more informed and have more choices than ever before. To be successful, you must do everything you can to make your retail store stand out.

Despite the ease of purchasing on the internet, some shoppers still prefer to have a hands-on feel for something before they make a purchase. Seeing a product close up, being able to touch it, how it fits, and getting recommendations from an expert are experiences that cannot be had when purchasing products online.

A successful retail store will capitalize on this and scent is one advantage retail stores can gain over online retailers.

The Impact Of Scent Marketing Retail Stores

Huge brands like Nike estimate that scent marketing increased "intent to purchase by up to 80%". Scents also persuade customers to stay in a particular store longer, increasing their chances of buying a product. 

If a customer can make a distinction between a particular scent and a store, they are far more likely to recognize and remember that brand or store.

What If I Own A Small Store?

While your store or brand may not have the budgets of some of the larger organizations, it doesn’t mean that your store can’t benefit from the research carried out by these large brands. 

If you own a small store, start with one retail scent and see if customers notice the difference. If your staff is reporting customers complimenting the smell of your store, then you know the scent has a positive impact. 

The bottom line is you could be leaving dollars on the table if you’re not implementing scent marketing as part of your retail or brand strategy. If you want to start off the new decade in the right way, then consider looking into a scent machine to help scent your retail store. Customers will fall in love with your store and it will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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