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Article: Why Scent Marketing Is A Necessity For Your Hotel

Why Scent Marketing Is A Necessity For Your Hotel

Everyone remembers a strong first impression. If you've ever spoken to a friend who has been on vacation or asked them how it went, likelihood is that they've commented on the quality of the hotel they stayed in. Word of mouth is essential to success in the hospitality industry, and if a hotel can provide a high level of service, then it can help to grow and enhance the establishment's reputation. 

Humans are sensory creatures, and we instinctively associate our sense of smell with our experiences. Maybe you remember a particular smell from your childhood that brings up positive or negative feelings. The power of scent can have a tremendous impact on how we think and feel. 

With this in mind, hotels can use the power of scent to their advantage. If a hotel can provide customers with a poScent Marketing For Hotelssitive experience and a powerful scent to go with it, then it can act as a really positive combination for the hotel to live a long time in the customer's memory.

What Do The Customers Say? 

A recent study carried out by shows how much scent can influence customer decision making when it comes to making choices about Hotels. 

The results of their study stated that 91% said that a pleasant scent in a hotel would add to their overall experience of staying there. 67% of hotel guests said that a pleasant smell in a hotel would make them feel more patient and relaxed, while 69% of hotel guests stated that a pleasant smell in a hotel lobby would improve their perception of the brand. 

Clearly then having a pleasant scent in a hotel can help boost customer experience and their feelings about the hotel. With the growing interest in scent marketing and the positive impact, it can have in the hotel industry a term called ‘scentscaping’ has been coined to describe how hotels use scent to leave customers with lasting impressions.

Our sense of smell is so powerful that research suggests that hotel guests remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear

How Can Scent Help Your Hotel?

As we’ve seen from the results above scent can obviously have a massive impact on how customers perceive a hotel and the quality of the brand associated with it. Hotel Scents specializes in creating luxury scents and high-performance HVAC diffusers to help provide powerful, even and efficient scenting throughout the desired space. The ultra-quiet machine uses cold air diffusion to disperse aromas throughout your hotel and leave it with a strong, fresh aroma.

Getting the right scent in place can help push your hotel to the next level. People remember great scents, and getting the right scent will give you a powerful tool to build emotional loyalty with your customers.

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