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Article: 4 Benefits Of Scent Marketing For Your Business

4 Benefits Of Scent Marketing For Your Business

The scent marketing industry is now worth up to $300 million worldwide and is growing every year. Brands and businesses have cottoned on to the fact that having a memorable scent can help your brand stand out in the 21st century. 

It’s estimated that the every-day Americans see between 4,000-10,000 advertisements each day, the average consumer is bombarded with ads on a daily basis, so being able to stand out in a crowded market is key to success in 2019. Having your customers associate your brand or business with a particular scent is a great way of doing this. 

There are many benefits to having an effective scent marketing plan in place for your business. Let’s jump in and see what the hype is about. 

Our Sense Of Smell Is Powerful

Every famous brand or company has something that’s memorable and scent businessresonates with buyer emotions. A strong scent for your business and company engages buyers on a primal level. Adult humans can distinguish up to 10,000 different smells and our sense of smell is closely tied to our memories and emotional associations. This means that if you have a scent that creates a positive association for your customers, they are more likely to become a long term customer.

A Memorable Scent Can Increase Sales

There are some genuinely remarkable statistics of how scent can impact the sales numbers of a business. A company named MediaMarkt decided to test out whether adding a scent to their stores could really make an impact on increasing sales. After only six weeks of the scent being present, the store experienced a 40% uplift in sales.  

A Wholesome Scent Will Improve Customer Mood 

When a customer walks through your door, you want them to be in a relaxed, happy mood ready to do business. This is precisely where scent marketing can excel. An enticing smell will create a lasting memory in your customer’s mind. We will likely remember a scent when it’s linked to a positive experience, so give your customers the best possible chance of remembering your store.

Scent Is A Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

Having a scent that stands out can be a great way to differentiate your brand or business from the competition. There’s a reason that all Apple products smell the same. By consistently associating their products with a particular scent, Apple has made their products stick in buyers minds. A company has even attempted to make a perfume that smells like Apple Products!

Let The Experts Help 

Hotel Scents can assist you in creating a winning scent marketing strategy for your business. Having worked with clients such as Hilton and The Four Seasons and with a wide range of scents to choose from, let the experts craft your own and unique scent marketing strategy to revolutionize your business.

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