Light Up A Candle—Light Up Your Mood

There’s something rather decadent about lighting a scented candle. From its flickering shadows to the gentle fragrance that pervades the room, such an elementary action truly has far-reaching effects. 

candle for decor

Far from simply being a method to provide light, deliciously aromatic candles cast amazing power over emotion and mood. Used in the right situations, scented candles are a simple and inexpensive way to light up your life—in more ways than one.

  • Candles for healthy living: Self-care is something we’re all guilty of neglecting. A candle in your living space can make a big difference to the atmosphere, helping to bring about a wonderful sense of calm. For anyone who suffers from stress or anxiety (and in our 24/7/365 world, who doesn’t?) candles can help create a real sanctuary that promotes relaxation and allows you to unwind.
  • Use aroma to suit your mood: The right choice of a fragranced candle has a profound effect on mood. From uplifting scents, such as orange and grapefruit, through to the sultry scents of amber and musk, be ambitious with your candle scenting. Creating the perfect atmosphere for creativity, relaxation, or—indeed—date night, is as simple as lighting a wick…
  • Delicious décor: Any room of the house benefits from the finishing touch of a candle or two. And be sure not to forget the smallest room of the house… When considering a room makeover, clever choice of color (and fragrance) can either gently create a subtle style or add powerful pizzazz for those who love a bolder statement. Don’t forget to turn your bathroom into a pure spa experience with carefully selected, relaxing aromatic candles.
  • Marvelous meditation: Using candles when you meditate or pray should, in our humble opinion, should be required! Nothing ups the ante more than the shimmering glow from a candle flame. Combine it with your favorite scent and enjoy the Zen-like atmosphere it creates.
Candles For Meditation

These are just a few of the ways that home scenting candles can lighten the mood and create the ideal ambiance. Hotel Scents is a leading scent company who offers a beautifully curated selection of delectably scented candles. Based on many of the wonderful aromas used in many top-class hotels around the world, it’s never been easier to bring carefully designed scents to suit your mood into your home living space.

Midnight in Paris, inspired by Hotel Costes, offers wonderful aromas that will instantly bring the joie de vivre of the French capital city to mind, whereas Dream On, inspired by the globally renowned scents of Westin Hotels will soothe even the most frazzled of gray matter with the serenity-enhancing aromas of aloe vera and white tea. Gorgeous candle scenting is the easiest method to embellish your home, and it’s never been easier or more attractive than with the exquisitely perfumed candles on offer from the talented company, Hotel Scents.

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