The Truth Behind Indoor Air Freshener Sprays



Scent can influence our mood, behavior, and even productivity. If a certain scent makes you feel happy and relaxed then it's probably a good idea to incorporate it into your personal space or business but not all scents or fresheners provide a healthy scenting solution for home and businesses. In fact, when it comes to air fresheners, there are plenty of reasons not to use aerosol spray cans.

Aerosol sprays contain toxic chemicals

Most aerosol cans have a propellant that is toxic. The majority of these chemicals aren't biodegradable and can lead to dangerous health consequences if they are inhaled regularly or disposed of improperly. Hotel Scents diffusers use natural ingredients and cold-air diffusion that do not pose the same health hazards or harm as aerosol sprays.

Indoor air pollution

We spend up to 90% of our time at home, making it important to have access to clean air. Using air fresheners from aerosol cans increases indoor air pollution and damages furniture. These products also tend to not include transparent ingredient lists, making it difficult to determine what you’re actually releasing into the air, which can be a bit risky for you or other guests who may have breathing health issues.

Also, beware of air fresheners that are advertised as “all-natural” or “organic''—these terms are usually self-declared language that is used for marketing purposes and doesn’t accurately reflect the safety of the ingredients.

Choose a safer scenting option for your home or business

Our hotel scent diffusers are easy to use while providing a powerful coverage distribution. They come in a variety of sizes, from stand-alone diffusers which can be placed in your desired location while our larger scent diffusers that can be connected through your HVAC system.

Shop all diffusers to find a hotel scenting solution for any of your locations. Choose options according to your space’s square footage and preferred design! 

Hotel Scents is the expert in bringing deliciously elegant scents into a space and have a wide variety of means. From the simplest diffusers through to HVAC-powered scenting tech, we can help you recreate the scent of your favorite hotel at home and be sure to contact us!

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