4 Convenient Hotel Amenities That Will Keep Guests Coming Back

Woman using mobile phone and pulling her suitcase in a hotel lobby.

Today, consumers are increasingly focused on experiences over products when it comes to their spending habits. To stay competitive and meet the needs of prospective guests, hoteliers should regularly evaluate their location’s lineup of amenities and how they compare to other hotels in the marketplace. Check out our list of most popular amenities preferred by hotel and B&B guests.

Complimentary refreshments

In many cases, guests will have traveled far before arriving at your hotel. Long lines at check-in can raise tensions, making a front-of-house refreshment station a smart choice to satisfy those waiting in the lobby to gain access to their hotel rooms.

Airport shuttle & transportation

If your hotel is near a busy airport, guests will appreciate the ability to make their flights on time with ease. Rideshare apps can be unreliable in certain locations, so having this accommodation readily available for those who need to quickly get to the airport will be appreciated—and more than likely help you retain returning customers!

In-house restaurant

Especially if they aren’t familiar with the area, guests often opt to dine in at their hotel’s restaurant and prefer not to travel far if they’re in town on business. Corporate travelers may not have much downtime for meals, making your restaurant a prime location for taking a break from work.

Welcoming atmosphere

Creating a memorable experience for all guests is undeniably the most important factor to consider when assessing the value of your current hotel amenities. Scenting is known to have a measurable impact on our moods and emotions, making it a key consideration for optimizing the customer experience from scenting the lobby to the spa room.

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