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What is Cold Air Scenting?

Article: What is Cold Air Scenting?

What is Cold Air Scenting?


Cold air diffusers are devices that disperse aroma by actively filtering the cold air in your space without leaving behind residue. Cold air diffusion does not dilute the scented oils and creates an ultra-dry mist to safely scent your space. This cutting-edge technology enables home and business owners to maximize scent coverage in their spaces with a more impactful scenting method.

How cold air diffusion works

Cold air diffusers work through a nebulization process that creates a fine, scented mist. They allow for scent coverage of very large spaces due to the micro-particles being able to travel further, making them a great option for scenting entire homes or businesses.

What makes cold air diffusers different?

These devices do not use water, alcohol, solvent, or heat to disperse the scent—which is how many other mass-produced home diffusers scent your space (leading to much less potent aromas). Since essential oils are very delicate and volatile, subjecting them to heat can diminish their therapeutic benefits.

Hotel Scents diffusers 

  • Museum360 XL Diffuser - The gold standard of HVAC scenting. It’s easy to install and integrate into existing HVAC systems and is a complete home or business fragrance distribution system.

  • Museum360 Diffuser - Scent up to 3,000 square feet while resourcefully covering multiple areas at a preselected scent concentration level without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances, and sprays.

  • VanGogh360 Diffuser - Combines the ease, convenience, and portability of a stand-alone unit with the power, quality, and consistency of HVAC scenting.

  • DaVinci360 Diffuser - Scents up to 800 square feet and has a slim, and discreet profile

  • Mini360 Diffuser - A portable diffuser perfect for enriching your personal space with your favorite scent. Scents up to 400 square feet.


Above is a diagram of HVAC Scenting with our Museum XL Diffuser with HVAC-Capabilities

Make your property smell like luxury hotel

Hotel Scents fragrance oils bring the rejuvenating feeling of stepping through the doors of your favorite hotel to your front door. Our HVAC scenting solutions for residential and commercial properties deliver consistent, lasting aromas without ever needing to light a candle. View our entire selection of full-coverage scenting products to find the best picks for your home, office, or anywhere you’d like to uplift with an inviting, premium scent!

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