3 Surprising Facts about Scent and Emotions

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Your marketing team works around the clock creating new and innovative ways to share your brand’s products or services, aiming to reach your desired target audience and building brand awareness—and if you are in the business of creating valuable products or experiences, your brand might be missing out on a major branding opportunity like scent marketing. Check out 3 key advantages of incorporating scent into your brand’s identity.

1. Fragrances contain strong associative properties

Our sense of smell is the one most closely tied to memory and emotion. Scents have the power to affect mood, concentration, and memory recall. Studies have also shown that exposure to pleasant scents can impact up to a 40% improvement in mood.

2. You can alleviate stress with the power of scent

The popular practice of aromatherapy is commonly used for its mental health and wellness benefits. Fragrances that specifically contain lavender oil have shown to help curb anxiety and lower stress levels. Our scent diffusers are the perfect option to provide sufficient coverage without residue and are easy to use! Through Cold-Air Diffusion, these devices can cover a large area with your desired scent to set the right mood in your space.

3. The right scent can work wonders for your brand

Developing a signature scent for your spa, hotel, studio, or any brick-and-mortar business helps build an emotional connection with your customers. People are more likely to linger and interact with a brand or business based on associated fragrance. In fact, you can use business scenting to drive consumer behaviour and reap the following benefits:

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Make your brand memorable
  • Create a sophisticated marketing strategy

Elevate your guest experience with scent marketing

Scent has a profound impact on customers and guests, which is why scent branding isn’t just a fad. Seasoned hoteliers leverage the power of smell as a tool for their businesses to take their guest stay to another level. Hotel Scents offers a selection of signature and custom business scents that can best fit your brand or business.

Schedule an appointment with our team to learn more about business scenting solutions by Hotel Scents for your brand!

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