How to Keep Your Waterless HVAC Diffuser Clean

VanGogh360 and scenting oil

For the best possible scenting experience! 

Just like every other working appliance in your business, home or office, your scent diffuser needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it’s working its best and that it has a long life of scenting! Many people may not realize that a Cold-Air diffuser that over time needs to be cleaned out, especially with swiping out scents. To get the best results from your oil diffuser, you always want to periodically run a cleaning cycle if you don’t want it to become congested with particles from the oil and get clogged. A clogged diffuser will give you a decrease in both scent and the quality of the fragrance.  

How to clean a Cold-Air Diffuser 

Our scent diffusers are simple and quick to clean, while you should always read your diffuser’s instruction booklet for proper care, below is an easy approach you can follow to keep your diffuser in the best shape possible to scent for a long time!  

  1. For cleaning, always start with an unplugged diffuser 

  2. Make sure you have no fragrance in the diffuser when you are ready to clean it. If you leave oil in the diffuser, it can leak as you are cleaning different areas. 

  3. Either empty your scent bottle or take an empty fragrance bottle, within the empty, clean bottle, pour approximately ½ inch of rubbing alcohol into the bottle. 

  4. Screw the bottle with the rubbing alcohol into the diffuser. Let the diffuser run for 15-20 minutes. 

  5. Take the bottle that contains the rubbing alcohol out of the diffuser. Carefully and thoroughly clean the bottle so it contains no scent of alcohol. Refill the bottle with your favorite scenting oil and you are good to go! 

We recommend that you clean your diffuser every 2-3 months (if used daily) or when swiping out scents. This method will ensure your diffuser is doing exactly what it is meant to do, beautifully scenting your hotel, business, or home!  

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