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Scenting Arenas for Concerts, Trade Shows, and Live Events

Article: Scenting Arenas for Concerts, Trade Shows, and Live Events

Scenting Arenas for Concerts, Trade Shows, and Live Events

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Make any event memorable by adding the right touches to your venue, stadium or arena. Hotel Scents' scent diffusers use cold-air diffusion technology to provide powerful and efficient scenting solutions, an essential way to incorporate scent marketing through multi-sensory. The HVAC diffusers are ultra-quiet and are perfect for covering large areas up to 6,000 sq ft for any space or area!

Benefits of scenting your live event

Our commercial scenting systems delivers a seamless ambient scent without being too overpowering, elevating any experience to create a "Wow-Factor" within the audience increasing engagement. Here are areas within an arena where customers enjoy luxuriously light and pleasant scents throughout the venue: 

  • Keep bathrooms smelling fresh and clean

  • Scent luxury suites and booths

  • Disperse scent throughout a closed space 

  • Entryways and the Lobby area

How Our commercial scenting diffusers work

Utilizing cold-air diffusion technology, the Scent Diffuser turns fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist. With this method, scent stays suspended in the air longer and has better coverage. Using no heat or water, the Scent Diffuser preserves the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils without altering their smell. Depending on the concentration levels and schedule the scent can circulate consistently through the HVAC system. This allows the air to be stimulating, creating an enticing ambience for a more immersive and memorable moment. 

Schedule a consultation with our business scenting experts

Choose rich and timeless scents inspired by luxury hotels around the globe to elevate your live event space with the power of scent. All of our products use 100% pure essential & aroma oil blends and we offer a wide range of custom options to scent a variety of properties. Speak to a Hotel Scents Business Consultant today to get started!

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