Leverage the power of Scent Marketing

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There are many benefits of leveraging scent in your business, yet it has been a marketing strategy that has been overlooked when it comes to business branding. Scent has a strong link to our emotions, creating a long-term influence to have your customers to engage with your business as well as building customer loyalty. Scent marketing allows businesses to build an emotional connection and value to their brand, elevating their décor with an olfactory logo. Find out other businesses has used scent to their advantage and to increase their revenue.

Businesses that are benefiting from scent marketing

         With scenting your business customers are likely to perceive it as more luxurious, having a positive impact to their shopping experience to be more desirable to linger longer. No matter what the size of your business is using scenting solutions can be a great advantage to setting your brand or business apart from other competitors. Companies such as Starbucks has been using scent to symbolize their value as an upscale coffee shop, using the HVAC system to scent coffee throughout their store to remind customers to buy coffee. Another business that is using scent to brand their atmosphere is the Hyatt Hotel to give the perception of cleanliness and a feel of home. The brand has their very own signature scent called “Seamless” in all 300 hotel properties, recognized as a part of the brand décor.

How to bring scent marketing to your business

            Since smell is processed through our limbic system creating a scent that will not only have a nice scent but that will create an instant connection between your brand and your consumers will increase the intent purchase by up to 80%. Here at Hotel Scents, we are dedicated to creating a personalized scent that is best associated with your brand identity and that will resonate with your customers. By reaching out to one of our scent consultants, they will work closely with you to develop the right scent for your business needs.

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