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Scent Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Marketers

Article: Scent Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Marketers

Scent Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Marketers

Hispanic Student Uses Laptop while Listening to a Lecture at the University

Personalizing communications with prospective students is one of the most important pillars of undergrad admissions recruitment—however, with all of the communication channels competing for their attention, it can be difficult to make sure your message is seen by the right prospects, and if you’re able to extend your reach it’s critical to take extra steps to prompt your leads toward conversion.

Create brand awareness among prospective students

Prospective students will be introduced to as many as dozens of university logos and official colors, which makes it a priority to ensure that your university stands out when it comes time to render an enrollment decision.

Hotel Scents curates hotel-inspired signature scents for businesses to help increase foot traffic and drive consumer behavior. Today, you can partner with our team to leverage the power of scent to level up the next panel discussion, student orientation, or any other campus-sponsored event.

Increase student engagement during on-campus events

Our product design is informed by expert-driven scent branding strategies and research to help marketers across industries bring in more foot traffic and strengthen brand loyalty. While lead nurturing is a little different for higher education marketers, devising a scent strategy for on-campus events or other gatherings aimed at attracting incoming students can leave a powerful first impression.

Hit enrollment goals with an elevated welcome strategy

When prospective students and their families arrive to learn more about your school, you’ll want to supplement those personalized marketing automation emails with a big welcome that generates excitement for the upcoming school year.

Most admissions teams follow the standard practice of scheduling time for visitors to tour the campus and allow time for the student to learn more about communal living, but when it comes time to hear from the university staff it’s important to leave a lasting impression. Scenting spaces reserved for campus visitors creates another touchpoint for them to engage with the university’s brand and encourages a positive association with the school.

Commercial scenting solutions for universities

Connect with the scent marketing experts for business scenting consultation for your university. Our commercial scent diffusers can scent large spaces up to 6,000 sq ft, find the one that best suits your classroom, office or auditorium space!

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