Luxury Scents for Your Home

Your sense of smell holds a powerful connection to your emotions. However, people often overlook the value of using home fragrances and the ability of scents to transform or enhance moods. Simply adding luxury scented candles, reeds, scent diffusers, or room sprays can make your home feel fresh, clean, and relaxing. It can lift your mood and relieve your stress after an exhausting day at work.  

If you want your home to feel as comforting as a posh hotel, check out and explore getting one of Hotel Scents’ vast collection of fragrances. 

The Best Luxury Home Scents:

Finding the perfect scent to fill your home with is easier said than done. But whether you’re looking for a calming blend of fragrances to improve your sleep or a refreshing burst of aromas to lift your mood, you’d be able to find superb options from Home Scents. 

Made with the highest-quality essential oils, Hotel Scents’ fragrances can do wonders for your home environment and your family’s well-being. 


A combination of nutmeg and bergamot, Allure gives a fresh, clean aroma. Its bright floral middle notes of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood is balanced with warm, crisp notes of musk, amber, and guaiac wood. 



This revitalizing fragrance infuses your home with a scent that can remind you of seaside escapades. Its top notes consist of fresh lemon and bergamot, but it bears the essence of the ocean with hints of jasmine. 




You can lift the mood in your home with a light, soothing blend of fragrances that takes you to the heart of a pine forest. Its bright citrus scents are balanced by warm, spicy undertones and musk.  

Ocean Eyes 

Another sea-inspired scent, Ocean Eyes is made up of herbaceous sage, crushed cardamom, and Australian sandalwood, reminding you of warm days by the shore with the refreshing salty sea air blowing in your face.  


Little White Lies 

Sweet white tea, thyme, and freesia with refreshing notes of ylang-ylang and bergamot create the aromatic, tangy, and memorable sensory experience that this fragrance creates. The blend also carries warm hints of amber, sandalwood, and cedarwood. 

Marquee Moon

This bold, fresh, and elegant fragrance starts with notes of spicy leather, nutmeg, and lemon. Its spicy middle notes of cardamom and ginger are balanced with light, floral hints of jasmine and sandalwood, ending with a warm amber musk base. 


Mystify is a fruity and floral blend that can freshen up your home all day long. At first whiff, you will smell notes of lemon and green melon. Its lily and jasmine middle notes are complemented by green base notes of oakmoss and musk.  

There are a myriad of ways to mask undesirable odors and to make your home smell good all the time. Whether through candles, reeds, scent diffusers or room sprays, you can elevate the ambiance in any space in your home and make it feel cozy and invigorating using the fragrances we mentioned above. 

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