Leveraging Scent for Luxury Flight Experiences

Commercial aircraft cabin with rows of seats down the aisle

As consumers are more focused on investing inn experiences over individual material items, now is the perfect time to revamp your airline’s in-flight experience!

Today, major airlines like United, Virgin Atlantic, and Delta are among the carriers that incorporate branded scents to provide a more pleasant flight for passengers. Scent is our most powerful sense, and has the potential to make a lasting impression that encourages repeat business.

Learn the benefits of using scent for your airline!

Increase passenger comfort

Flights are often cramped and offer little ventilation, making it even more of a priority to ensure that passengers are comfortable for the duration of their journey. Our diffusers connected to the airplane scenting systems will allow utilize of cold-air diffusion and disperse scent evenly throughout any space.

Create a memorable experience

The majority of passengers dive into quite a bit of research before booking a flight, especially if they travel often. To ensure that your airline is the brand of choice when it comes to air travel, focusing on the in-flight experience is key. Amenities are important to luxury travelers, and scent is a noticeable, yet subtle way to create an instant great first impression!

Encourage repeat flight bookings

Our commercial scenting solutions for airlines utilize innovative technology that distributes a customized scent throughout the plane for the entirety of the flight—or however long you choose! With a signature scent, you can enhance customer retention and position your brand as the premier choice for travel. Numerous studies have shown that multi-sensory marketing increases customer engagement and influences purchasing behavior, positioning scent as an effective strategy to drive intent to purchase!

Schedule a meeting with a Scent Consultant

Ready to enrich your in-flight amenities with a luxury hotel-inspired signature scent? Our team is happy to help you formulate a scenting solution for your airline that helps your customers formulate a deeper connection to your brand! Schedule a consultation today to connect with one of our expert Scent Consultants!

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