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Scent Branding Company - Create Your Brand A Scent

Article: Scent Branding Company - Create Your Brand A Scent

Scent Branding Company - Create Your Brand A Scent

Scent branding is the buzzword of the moment, with luxury companies large and small keen to embrace the scientifically proven advantages it can bring. However, the concept itself, whilst simple enough to implement once the groundwork has been done, is something that requires a truly expert approach.

Leading scent branding company, Hotel Scents, works with companies of all sizes to successfully channel the complete journey that leads to the ultimate in scent branding. This involves working from the mere contemplation of the asset, through the complex craft that is scent curation, and the delivery of the end product—in areas as small, large, and diverse as the company requires.

The following discusses the individual steps followed for the highest level of scent branding and marketing integration.

  1. The idea: In the highly competitive markets of today companies must discover and embrace methods that ensure they stand out from the crowd. The concept of scent branding has long been utilized by high-end businesses, such as hotels, with the creation of bespoke aromas forging a link that’s associated with the brand. The proven success of this is so great that a public-facing business that doesn’t consider this to be an option is automatically putting themselves at a disadvantage.
  2. The partnership: The first stage of Hotel Scents' service is to understand your business. Not only what you do, but the target market, what the company stands for, and the key message that the chosen aroma should convey. In short, we need to know what makes your business tick…
  3. The scent discovery: This is where the magic is made, with expert aromachologists translating all that raw emotion into a scent that “speaks” the message to those who experience it. Depending on the needs, this could entail the creation of a brand new aroma, or perhaps defining an already existing fragrance from their vast range. That’s the beauty of a bespoke service—Hotel Scents work to the company’s requirements.
  4. The delivery: Cold air diffusion is the ultimate technology by which the chosen aromas are delivered to a premises. Thanks to a range of delivery options, no area is too small or too large to be serviced, and that includes those of multiple sites, even those of outdoor areas. Successful promotions have been carried out in various alfresco locations, including bus stops and shop exteriors.

The crucial element to understand about top-end scent branding is that the ultimate strategy is approached from the ground upwards, something that the team at Hotel Scents are highly proficient at carrying out. The advantage of their full-service scent provision leads to an intimate partnership that provides a superior level of branding, something that, when carried out at the highest of levels, positively impacts customer perception, spend, and behaviors.

Scent branding is, in short, a powerful additional dimension by which companies can gain significant ground over their competitors. And for that reason alone it’s not so much of “if” you begin the scenting journey, but “when”. Because if you’re not doing it, you can be sure that your opposition will…

Contact us today and learn how was can create a fragrance for your brand!

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