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Enhance Your Apartment Brand With The Power Of Scent

Article: Enhance Your Apartment Brand With The Power Of Scent

Enhance Your Apartment Brand With The Power Of Scent


When it comes to the branding of serviced apartments, the biggest challenge is standing out from the crowd. You’ve got the visual appeal, the luxury, the high-end furnishings, and appliances. But… So too do most of your competitors.

What’s needed is a method by which you instantly create a rapport with viewers. A way that when they leave, they take with them not simply the thought that yours was a nice property, but an emotional attachment—one that they might not even be aware of having made. If this sounds like an impossible achievement, then think again. Because there’s one human sense that can, if done right, bring about all of this, and more: the power of scent.

The Rise Of Scent Branding

Carefully curated aromas are used in many industries, such as top-grade hotels, luxury spas, smart health clubs, high-end automobile dealers… Even in retail. Smell is the only one of the human senses that bypasses the conscious portion of the brain, heading straight to the region that stimulates emotion and memory.

Ensuring a carefully chosen scent to diffuse in show apartments, offices, and/or public spaces can be the very thing that makes your property stand out from all the others on a viewer’s list.

Scent can:

  • Provide a unique brand distinction: A bespoke fragrance, once experienced two or three times, creates an attachment between the perfume and the brand. Examples include the unique aromas used by luxury names such as Westin Hotels, Singapore Airlines, and Aston Martin, that have been created with the company’s values, aims, and target markets in mind. Elevating an apartment brand with the power of scent is a simple yet powerful method of imprinting your property within the minds of those who visit.
  • Influence perception: It’s been proven that certain scents have an impact on how people perceive their surroundings. It can increase the feeling of luxury, quality, cleanliness, and the intent to linger. Such emotions are powerful when it comes to making an apartment brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Builds connection: Adding an extra dimension to sensory perception helps build a vital connection with potential customers. You’ve already worked hard to massage the other senses, so it makes perfect sense to imbue a delicious aroma throughout the property, so encompassing every aspect of sensory marketing.
  • Molds behaviors: Multiple studies have been carried out that prove certain scents influence not only a customer’s perception of a product, but their intent to purchase and even the willingness to spend more money.

Scent marketing and branding are only now being truly embraced by a diverse range of industries. When it comes to apartment branding, the advancement of delivery methods, such as HVAC scent machines, makes it simplicity itself to deliver a uniform, safe, subtle scent to any area of a building you choose. 

The services of a scent company such as market-leader, Hotel Scents, is key to discovering the perfect aroma that embodies the brand message you wish to deliver. The concept is an art, one as intricate and beautiful as that of painting and the composition of music. When it comes to public perception, the very best of serviced living spaces are those with a delicious and memorable fragrance—truly the ultimate method by which to enhance your apartment brand to levels hitherto unknown…

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