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Top Reasons We Love Hotels

Article: Top Reasons We Love Hotels

Top Reasons We Love Hotels

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No matter where you might be, the sheer luxury of checking in to a place that exists solely to pander to your every comfort thrills from every angle. Our love affair with the hotel experience grows stronger with every stay. So let’s take a look at the reasons why, and the top industry secrets that you can embrace at home to bring accommodation extravagance to your private abode.

  • The atmosphere: High-end hotels work hard—very hard—to ensure that the atmosphere in each area is tweaked to perfection. From ambient lighting to curated music, these are certainly simple to imitate at home. But there’s one strategic aspect of hotel style and elegance that you might not even be consciously aware of—and that’s the fragrance. Classic hotels have raised bespoke scenting into an absolute art form, and this is something that can easily be replicated at home. From quality candles to a home scent system, imbuing the atmosphere of your living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, etc. has never been more straightforward to achieve.
  • The furnishings: Walking into a perfectly made-up hotel room, seeing the beautifully smooth and dressed bed, sinking your fingers into fluffy towels and robes, not to mention understated yet glamorous décor, is an experience we all adore. Careful coordination of your bedroom at home can bring about the same allure, as can extra special touches such as speaking to an expert designer to guarantee all aspects of a bedroom exude calm—perhaps embracing the art of Feng Shui for the ultimate haven.
  • The amenities: Hotels live to serve your every whim. From being a stone’s throw from the ocean to the sunlight sparkles on the ripples of a pool, we love everything about the luxuries we don’t have in our everyday life. While it might not be possible to recreate aspects such as a beach on the doorstep or a swimming pool, one thing you can do is bring the spa to your door. Perhaps get a home therapist to visit, or simply transform your bathroom into a sanctuary with flickering candles, essential oils, and some well-deserved self-pampering.
  • The food: From perusing the menu to being waited on at the table, hotel dining is a treat we all savor. You can bring the dining atmosphere to the home, perhaps creating a culinary masterpiece for your partner, ensuring the atmosphere is perfectly delivered with a beautifully dressed table, soft music, candlelight, and great conversation.

The one thing all of these reasons have in common is the aforementioned art of scent. Top industry provider of such aromas, Hotel Scents, offers the ultimate in hotel scents for home, with oils, candles, and reed diffusers such as “My Way”, inspired The 1 Hotel, and “Midnight in Paris”, with its nod to the iconic fragrance used by The Hotel Costes in Paris.

Scenting your home “a la hotel” has never been easier, with HVAC home scenting systems gently diffusing the finest of essential oils to ensure a beautifully uniform, almost undetectable scent in the same way as the finest hotels in the world.

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