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Scent Marketing vs. Consumer Fragrance Products

Article: Scent Marketing vs. Consumer Fragrance Products

Scent Marketing vs. Consumer Fragrance Products

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When it comes to scenting a business space, a quick Google search brings up a myriad of results, mostly directing towards various consumer fragrance commodities. These include plugins, candles, and room scents. 

Such generic products might appear to be the easiest method by which to imbue an area with a chosen fragrance. However, company owners that are serious about utilizing the subtle yet powerful portal of aroma should consider the advantages of true scent marketing.

When deciding between these options there are two aspects to consider:

  1. Do you simply want the business environment to have an obvious fragrance, perhaps to mask unpleasant odors?
  2. Is the aim for customers and visitors to breathe an essence that’s not only gorgeous, but that embodies the essence of the brand, sends the positive vibe you wish them to associate it with and creates a powerful link that becomes embedded in their subconscious?

The difference between them is clear, with option 2—which is the core rationale behind the art of scent marketing—taking the dynamics of aroma to a level that far exceeds that of the first.

The Pros And Cons Of Generic Fragrance Products

The aforementioned products of plugins etc. have one distinct advantage—they’re easily accessible and inexpensive. If you need to cover up an odor, it’s a quick fix, albeit short-term and, in most cases, comes with certain “chemical-smelling” undercurrents. But in such circumstances, these products do the job they’ve been designed for.

However, the choice of fragrance is limited, not to mention is likely to be wafting around millions of other businesses and homes—and therefore instantly forgettable. In the case of candles, naked flames pose a risk and aren’t suitable in many public spaces, and sprays dissipate quickly. There’s also a risk of such chemical-based products causing a reaction to anyone with allergies, something all businesses need to take into consideration.

Raising The Bar With Curated Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is at the opposite end of the spectrum, whereby professional fragrance experts (known as aromachologists) use proven scientific methods to create unique aromas determined by the business ethos, target market, and the take-away message company owners wish to convey to customers.

It hardly takes a leap of faith to understand the distinct advantage this avenue brings to the visitor experience. The power of scent is proven to increase customer recognition, influence browsing and buying behaviors, and increase profits. This scent marketing strategy is being embraced by companies small and large as owners recognize quite how effective targeting the human sense of smell can be.

Scent Machines, Essential oils, And Unique Fragrances

Collaborating with a professional scenting company, such as market leader Hotel Scents, to create an ambient signature scent that exemplifies the essence of a business is crucial to the success of this powerful marketing angle. Such customization is key to standing out from the competition, as is the ability to introduce the scent to the required areas

This is done thanks to an hvac scenting system—easy to install elements that work via an existing HVAC system, filling spaces of all sizes with a perfectly uniform aroma thanks to the power of medical-grade essential oils. Using a technology known as cold air diffusion, the signature scent is released in a subtle, consistent manner, completely unlike the harsh manner of consumer fragrance products.

The combination of a signature scent, quality of oils, and ease of distribution create a formidable additional element to company branding. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses of all sizes need to think outside the box as to how they stand out in their field. Scent marketing is proving to be exactly what’s necessary to give companies that much needed competitive edge…

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