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How Multi-sensory Marketing can Drive Engagement

Article: How Multi-sensory Marketing can Drive Engagement

How Multi-sensory Marketing can Drive Engagement

When it comes to driving brand awareness it requires more than digital advertising and a strong social media presence—to convert prospects into buyers, multi-sensory marketing is way business owners can optimize their strategy to engage with your target audience offline and more into their brick-and-mortar. Multi-sensory experiences allow the consumers to engage with their senses in a tangible way of imprinting the brand in their memories without having an overwhelming effect. Learn how to leverage the senses to elevate the customer experience beyond just traditional ads and harness the insights on multi-sensory marketing to build more success.

Scents can conjure strong emotions

Advertisers can use scent to evoke strong emotional reactions from customers. In fact, the Sense of Smell Institute reported that people recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, and multisensory experiences strengthen a customer’s emotional connection to a brand through this tangible interaction.

Pleasant smells have also been shown to improve mood by 40%, making it increasingly important to engage with customers more intimately. In an age where it’s increasingly harder to stand out among a sea of static images and videos online, it’s crucial to differentiate your brand emotionally and memorably.

Color increases brand recognition by 80%

Color is also closely tied to emotion, and the science of color psychology is used by many brands to influence consumer behavior. Paired with an understanding of the psychology of color, business leaders should also employ the following four factors when incorporating color in their branding:

  • Color choices must be authentic to your brand

  • Color choices must differentiate your brand from key players in the market

  • Color choices must appeal to your target audience

  • Color choices must embody your brand’s personality

Warm sensations can make people feel more generous

The Harvard Business Review wrote an article about an experiment on temperature and consumer behavior. Findings revealed that participants who experience a warm sensation rather than a cold one was more likely to invest than other members of the study. Creating an immersive experience for your consumer gives them a personal connection to your business or brand to remember in a specific way, touch is a symbolic and unique way to build connection between B2C and B2B. 

Craft an impactful in-store experience with Hotel Scents

Multi-sensory marketing is a growing strategy to give consumers a more emotional shopping experience, whether that is through smell (scent), sight (branding), taste, sound and touch. The importance of multi-sensory shapes the consumers behavior that can build brand loyalty as well as creating word of mouth.

Connect with your customers by exploring business scenting solutions through Hotel Scents and transform your business with luxury hotel-inspired fragrances and scent diffusers that can scent up different commercial or brick-and-mortar spaces that fits perfectly for your business.

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