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3 Reasons to Consider Olfactory Marketing for Your Business

Article: 3 Reasons to Consider Olfactory Marketing for Your Business

3 Reasons to Consider Olfactory Marketing for Your Business

Most businesses aim to find ways to set themselves apart from their competitors and olfactory marketing is one way to use scent as a strategic branding tool. With scenting it is known to instantly create a memory bond through an emotional reaction, building a brand image and making a business more recognizable or identifiable. This scenting strategy is used to help brands grow their business and generate profits through scent marketing, to encourage the purchasing decision and creating a luxurious brand experience at the same time. Here are some tips to using scent marketing and scaling your brick-and-mortar locations to increase in-store purchases.

Reign in foot traffic

Attract more walk-in business by captivating your audience as soon as they walk by your space. With a scent diffuser, you can transform lead capture with an innovative display that allows for scheduling and in-store purchases while dispersing a luxury fragrance throughout your space!

Use the power of nostalgia

Determining the right smells to incorporate in your space to invoke positive memories is a critical step in facilitating positive associations with your product, service, or venue. Focus on the scents that matter most to your ideal customer profile. For instance, ask yourself: “Will people who love this brand enjoy a coastal-inspired scent?” or “What does my brand remind customers of?”

Choose a Commercial Scenting Solution

Creating a lasting and pervasive scent marketing strategy is key to building a strong brand identity. With HVAC scenting products, you can add cold air diffusion technology to large spaces, including apartment buildings, hotels, mall wings, and so much more!

Business Scenting with Hotel Scents

Choose rich and timeless scents inspired by luxury hotels around the globe to elevate your commercial space through the power of scent. All of our products use 100% pure essential & aroma oil blends and we offer a wide range of custom options to scent a variety of properties. Speak to a Hotel Scents Business Consultant today to get started!

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