3 Strategies to Improve Your Customer's Spa Experience

Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa

Much like wellness, your spa services and guest experience should be tailored to the individuals that seek your services. From building a strong staff to technology and making the space a bit cozier, optimizing your spa to better meet guests’ needs can help increase brand loyalty. 

Research conducted by Spa Executive has found that 71% of customers reported that they feel highly dissatisfied with impersonal service experiences at spas—and 44% of those surveyed stated they are likely to return to the spa if the guest experience is highly personalized. View our guide below to help you revamp the guest experience at your day spa or spa resorts.

Personalize guests’ wait time

Your waiting area provides a crucial service for your walk-in business—delivering the first impression. While guests wait for their session, it’s important that they feel welcome, valued, and taken care of. It’s more than just offering a drink—consider your spa’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and leverage marketing strategies to deliver on their desires.

Elevate your space with fragrance

By appealing to guests’ senses, you can influence purchasing decisions by delighting them with high quality and eco-friendly scents. Scent marketing has the power to enhance purchase behavior and help consumers cycle through your sales funnel faster. You can improve brand image, drive emotional connections and increase loyalty and revenue through the power of scent. 

Make booking even easier

Increasing the number of channels in which potential customers can schedule a booking at your spa makes it easier to attract and retain new business. While some may prefer traditional over-the-phone scheduling or filling out a brief online form, these methods make it difficult for walk-ins to quickly get an appointment.

With our Interactive Scenting Kiosk you can promote your products and services on a 43" LCD Display that doubles as a scenting solution for your spa—and walk-in guests can book appointments directly from the ISK!

Work with Hotel Scents Consultants

Connect with the Hotel Scents team to work with dedicated scent experts to turn our spa into a predictable and repeatable revenue machine. Work with us to create a customized scenting solution for your commercial space!

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