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Tips to Elevate Your Airbnb

Article: Tips to Elevate Your Airbnb

Tips to Elevate Your Airbnb

En-Suite Modern Bedroom

From easy, affordable upgrades to more involved renovations, there are so many ways to give your space a refresh and keep guests coming back. Whether you’re new to hosting and want to start strong or you’re focused on increased year-over-year bookings, our guide has you covered!

1. Take advantage of your slow season

If you’re thinking of performing more intensive renovations, the best way to plan out your project is by first observing the lull of the season. When guest traffic slows down, make use of that time to give your interiors a makeover—HVAC, flooring, painting, or whatever may not be possible to get done in a few days’ time period.

2. Update your listing

As you make changes throughout your space, don’t forget to share that with prospective guests! Refresh your listing’s description to make note of added amenities, upload new photos, or new restaurants that has open within the area—and if you can, consider hiring a professional photographer to get the perfect quality photos.

3. Freshen up your space with scent

A great guest experience starts with a host who has thought through a stellar first impression. Scent is the strongest of our senses linked to memory recall and our mood, making it the perfect upgrade to keep your listing on guests’ minds when it comes time to rebook!

Hotel Scents delivers the highest quality, eco-friendly scenting solutions for business and residential clients. Our HVAC-optimized diffusers are ultra-quiet and easy to use—we even have options for spaces up to 6,000 square feet!

Connect with the Hotel Scents Team

Your Airbnb’s scenting needs are covered by the wide collection of hotel-inspired fragrances from the experts at Hotel Scents. Disperse fragrances into the air via a candle, reed diffuser, or work with our team to build a custom, whole-home scenting solution for your space!  

Get in touch with our scenting experts today to get started with a custom scenting solution that will delight future guests.

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