Luxury Hotel Scents

How do you make your home smell like a posh hotel? 

You can give your home a five-star glow-up using scented candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil diffusers. Enhancing your home with luxury hotel scents can lift everyone’s mood, making everyone feel calm and relaxed. The right scent can turn any room into the cozy space it’s meant to be.  

Hotel Scents has a wide range of fragrances for you – from bright, citrusy blends to subtle, soothing floral aromas – made only with high-quality essential oils 

The Best Luxury Hotel Scents: 

Infuse your interiors with alluring scents inspired by the world’s most luxurious hotels. Think about what you want to feel in your space, then select the fragrances from Hotel Scent’s vast collection to create the mood. You can choose a scented candle, reeds, or scent diffuser to transform your home into a relaxing space. 

 My Way Scent

My Way 

Made with lush sandalwood and warm Virginia Cedar, My Way is a rich woody fragrance balanced with soft soothing notes of iris. It indulges the senses and evokes a sense of deep relaxation. It is inspired by The 1 Hotel in Miami Beach.  

 Skyfall Scent


This lush, luxurious blend of orange blossom and green melon opens with refreshing floral fragrances of jasmine and fresh ocean breeze. It turns into a subtle, alluring trail of warm cedarwood, musk, and vanilla, taking you to The Atlantis Resort. 

 24k Magic Scent

24K Magic 

Notes of bergamot, lemon, and lemongrass lend to this scent’s bright, fresh aroma. The scent rests on a light, fresh base of white musk and koa wood, making your interior spaces smell fresh all day long, much like The W Hotel. 

 Black Velvet Scent

Black Velvet 

Let warmth and coziness envelop any interior space with this beautiful and elegant scent inspired by The Edition Hotel. From comforting notes of amber and zesty lemon, Black Velvet unravels fragrances of rose, cedar, and freesia, giving you a subtle, sultry aroma. 

 Dream On Scent

Dream On 

Fill your home with a cleansing and revitalizing scent made of white tea and aloe vera. It has warm, earthy notes of cedarwood, amber, and vanilla, inspired by The Westin Hotel. 


November Rain

November Rain 

November Rain is an uplifting fragrance that gives off a refreshing citrus blend of orange and grapefruit. The scent becomes more floral the longer it lingers with notes of rose, jasmine, cedarwood, and a warm white musk base. It is inspired by the Marriott Attune scent. 


Desert Rose Scent

Desert Rose 

A deep sensual fragrance enhanced with top notes of rich oud wood, cumin, and caraway. Inspired by The Fairmont Hotels, it is infused with enticing fragrances of rose, sweet praline, and vetiver that create compelling sensory experiences. 


Make every day feel like a luxurious vacation at a posh hotel. Using Aroma360’s luxury hotel candles, reeds, and oils, you can fill your entire home with the most alluring and comforting fragrances. You can add depth and character to your home, leaving guests with pleasant and truly unforgettable memories. 


Browse Hotel Scent’s to learn more about our luxury fragrances.  

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