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The Candle Inspired by the 1 Hotel

Article: The Candle Inspired by the 1 Hotel

The Candle Inspired by the 1 Hotel

Lush greenery and serene luxury are distinct elements in every 1 Hotel. Their advocacy for luxurious yet sustainable living is evident in their posh aesthetics that highlight the beauty of nature. Even their signature scent evokes the serenity and sensuality of being one with Mother Earth. 

If you’ve been to any of their locations, you’d remember how you were welcomed by a soothing earthy fragrance that seemed to enfold you in a warm embrace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home every day to that peaceful, calming aroma? 

My Way Candle

The Way to Luxury at Home 1 hotel candle

Inspired by the 1 Hotel, Hotel Scents' My Way Candle fills your home with the exquisite scent of earth, wood, and flowers. This sensual and luxurious aroma transforms your home into a relaxing oasis. 

Upon lighting the candle, you are greeted by the comforting woody scent of sandalwood and Virginia cedar. The faint floral fragrance of iris and violets seduces your senses as cardamom adds a hint of spice. A touch of Tuscan leather brings everything together in a perfect blend of sensuality, ruggedness, and luxury. 

The woody top notes of sandalwood calms nerves after a stressful day while Virginia cedar freshens the air indoors. The flirty powdery iris and violets subtly tantalizes as the complex cardamom provides warmth and comfort that soothes your tired body. The delicate florals are balanced by the brazen Tuscan leather that brings a sensual masculinity into the mix. 

If you want to come home to the warm embrace of a relaxing fragrance, the My Way Candle is just what you need.  

Hotel Scents' Fragrances 

Just one My Way candle is enough to fill your entire home with the soothing scent reminiscent of 1 Hotel. The candle lasts for hours and is crafted from only the best high-quality materials. It also comes in a sleek black candle tin that looks elegant wherever you put it.  

If you’d rather do away with heat or flame, get the same My Way scent through reed diffusers that provide consistent release of aromas. While they do not give off a romantic vibe like their candle versions, reed diffusers effectively keep you home smelling wonderfully fresh even when you’re away from home. This scent also comes in a scent bottle that can be used in HVAC diffusers for big homes or large office spaces. 

It’s really quite easy to keep your home or office smelling luxuriously. All you need is one candle in your favorite scent. 

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