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Scent Marketing for Hotels

Article: Scent Marketing for Hotels

Scent Marketing for Hotels

Ever wondered why inviting fragrances gracefully waft through luxury hotel lobbies? 

Scents influence your mood, feelings, and memories. It can be a powerful tool in business, especially in the hotel industry, as it has a profound effect on consumer behavior. With the right scent, you can set a positive impression the moment guests walk in your hotel lobby. It can set the tone of their entire stay. At the same time, scents can enhance your guests’ satisfaction level. 

Scent Branding for Hotels 

Hotel Scents has a collection of amazing fragrances, fit for any business. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our selection, we can craft a signature scent for you. Here are some of the custom blends we’ve made over the years:  The Atlantis Resort Scent

Skyfall – The Atlantis Resort 

Designed for The Atlantis Resort, Skyfall has fresh, sharp, and zesty opening notes of neroli, orange, and melon. It has a refreshing trail of jasmine, marine, and orange blossom, blended with warm cedarwood, musk, and vanilla. 


The Grove Resort Scent

Lust for Life – The Grove Resort, Orlando 

Lust for Life is a burst of energizing citrus, made for The Grove Resort in Orlando. It has zesty top notes of lemon, lime, freesia, and rosemary with middle notes of jasmine, mimosa, and violet leaf. 


The Best Hotel Scent Machines 

Not only can Hotel Scents create signature blends for your business, but we can also equip you with powerful scent diffuser machines that fill every corner of your establishment with your custom fragrance. 

Museum360 Diffuser

Gently diffuse your signature scent into your hotel lobbies, hallways, or ballrooms using Museum360. The scent machine can fill every square inch of your space using Aroma360’s HVAC system connection. Equipped with cold-air diffusion technology, it is a safe, clean way to diffuse pure essential oils and aroma oils. While it lifts the mood of your guests, it also enables them to benefit from the therapeutic power of your scent. 


VanGogh360 Diffuser  

A compact yet powerful scent machine that your hotel may need is the VanGogh360. It uses the latest cold-air diffusion technology, and it can function as a stand-alone unit. As it has a built-in fan, it has no problem covering large open spaces. It also has HVAC connection capabilities, allowing you to spread your signature scent with convenience and ease.  


DaVinci360 Diffuser 

The DaVinci360 covers small interiors measuring up to 800 square feet. Like other Hotel Scents diffusers, it uses cold-air diffusion technology. It can be mounted on the wall and programmed. Using its weekly timer, you can schedule its operation time and control the density settings of the fragrances. It also has a security lock so unauthorized personnel can’t tamper with it.  

Scent marketing for hotels isn’t a fad. A growing body of research proves that it has a profound impact on consumers’ perception of a brand. Fragrances enable you to create unforgettable, positive impressions. Not only that, but scents can also influence consumer behavior to your advantage and promote brand loyalty. 

If you want to learn more about our custom scents and diffusers, go to

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