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The Scent Of The W Hotel

Article: The Scent Of The W Hotel

The Scent Of The W Hotel

Scent is one of the things that make a strong and lasting impression. For this reason, hotels incorporate scents in their branding agenda and ensure that they set the right atmosphere for their guests. 

Each hotel has a story to tell through the respective fragrances that they use. Some scents evoke the feeling of luxury, making you feel pampered. Meanwhile, others make you feel as if you’re on a tropical island, erasing your worries and stresses.  

If you want to be enveloped in a blanket of luxury – without having to spend hundreds of dollars – hotel scents are a great, welcoming alternative. Liven up any space with hotel scents that transport you to some of the world’s most luxurious spaces.  

The W Hotels Experience 

The W Hotels is known to have redefined the meaning of modern luxury. Since its first opening in New York, W Hotels has grown to become a respected brand with over 50 hotels in more than 24 different countries.  

Aside from modern interiors, each W Hotel has its signature personality that has come to be loved by patrons all over the world. Each W Hotel exudes personality, not to mention unparalleled facilities with curious names like Wet, Wired, and Wheels – also known as the pool, business center, and valet. 

W Hotels is popular among those who want to break out of the ordinary, old-timey feel of standard hotel rooms. The luxury hotel does an excellent job of combining modernism without losing its air of elegance.   

Now imagine bringing that same feeling to your home. You’ll be welcomed by warm, citrusy notes of bergamot, lemon, and lemongrass that blossom into a delicate bouquet of magnolia, jasmine, and lily.  

Portable Luxury at Home 

Bring home the W Hotel Scent with 24K Magic. Its base notes are koa wood and musk, strong fragrances mellowed out by the delicate top and mid notes. Using one of our scent diffusers you can disperse this W Hotel inspired scent into the air and turn any space into a haven that awakens your senses. This fragrance is also available in the form of 24K Candle and 24K Reed.

When making scents, it’s more than just creating a copy of what a certain space smells like. 

Crafting scents involves thinking about the kind of atmosphere that you would be transported to, what feelings a certain scent would evoke. Specifically, creating hotel fragrances is all about recreating a brand and its particular experience. Coming up with that perfect combination of scents is like creating a story, one that would be remembered for a long time. 

A particular fragrance is tied to a corresponding hotel and brand. It’s an identity tied closely with an institution. With the right scent, you can be transported to a new, exciting time and place.  

24K Magic is inspired by W Hotels. It’s a rendition of W Hotels’ modern, luxurious atmosphere, bottled by Hotel Scents. The product is not in any way connected with the W Hotels brand. To find out more about the 24K range of products, visit

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