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Scents That Improve Mood & Productivity

Article: Scents That Improve Mood & Productivity

Scents That Improve Mood & Productivity

We all like it when we enter somewhere that smells nice. A pleasant smell adds to the ambiance of a place, and it’s surroundings. There’s plenty of reasons why humans remember certain smells so fondly.

Usually, we associate a particular smell with how it made us feel or the mood it put us in. If a scent was sweet, then we associate this scent with a positive experience. 

Therefore, pleasant scents and aromas generally boost a person’s mood, while bad smells and odors can lower someone’s mood. Scents have also been known to increase employees productivity. If your workplace smells pleasant and has a fresh feel about it, you’re far more likely to be excited to get to work than if your place of work doesn’t have an appealing scent to it. 

The human connection to scent is instinctual, and some particular scents are known to boost mood and productivity. Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the top scents for boosting mood and productivity, to give you an idea of what to look out for!

The Top 3 Scents That Boost Mood And Productivity 


Lavender is well known for its soothing qualities. Rarely, if ever, will you ever smell Lavender and feel in a worse mood. Lavender has long been a critical component of many folk medicine due to its ability to calm the nerves. Scents for productivity and mood

Scientific research backs up these claims, in a study by researchers at Kagoshima University in Japan they found that Linalool, a sweet-smelling alcohol found in Lavender Oil had a calming effect on mice when the mice were exposed to its vapor and that exposure to linalool vapor affects the brain through smell and not by being absorbed into the bloodstream.  


Research has shown that the scent of Rosemary can improve memory and cognition. Research presented at the Annual Conference of British Psychological highlighted this point. Forty school-age children were split up and either placed in a room that contained Rosemary aroma and a room which did not contain rosemary aroma. The results showed that those children placed in a room with the rosemary scent demonstrated higher memory scores than those in the room without the rosemary scent.


Peppermint has been known to increase concentration and energy levels. If you’ve ever had a fever or a cold, you’ll know that the scent of fresh peppermint will help clear your sinuses and improve your breathing. Peppermint has a naturally refreshing scent which has an energizing effect that will boost your mood and energy.

The Final Word

Aromatherapy may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are thinking of ways to improve your mood or productivity, but this is one of the reasons why big companies are scenting their business space. 

Hotel Scents is a scent company that offers scents that help with mood and productivity. These scents are dispersed into the air by their scent diffusers or reed diffusers. See what we have available.

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