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Why Candles Are So Romantic

Article: Why Candles Are So Romantic

Why Candles Are So Romantic

Candles For Romance

From the twinkling light to the warmth they emit, candles are a sure way to make an ambiance more romantic. If you’ve ever seen a romantic movie or been to a restaurant on a first date, then you undoubtedly know that candles help to set the mood. 

Candles affect us in a variety of different ways. First of all, humans are very sensitive to changes in light. The human circadian rhythm, which is the human sleep/wake cycle, can be affected by changes in light. 

Low light tells our bodies it’s time to relax, which helps to make us more at ease and comfortable in our surroundings. Most people want to feel relaxed in a romantic setting, and candles are one-way of helping to create a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. 

Candlelight is a fantastic accessory for a dinner date; it provides just enough light for both parties to focus on the food and each other while dimming focus to any surrounding distractions. 

Candles also help create a sense of warmth in us, despite not giving out that much heat. The draw of candlelight, along with a strong scent, is the ultimate combination to create a romantic setting.

What Role Does Scent Play?

It’s not just the light of a candle that plays a role in creating a romantic setting. The scent of a candle helps to engage humans on an in-depth emotional level. We are drawn to scents that make us feel a certain way, so if a candle has a particular scent, then it’s bound to help create a romantic atmosphere and association.

Scents can remind us of particular people, places, and experiences in our lives. If you speak to many couples, they’re bound to remember their first date and may well even remember the scent of a candle that accompanied their first dinner! Scented candles are a great addition to any romantic occasion. 

If you are going to use a scented candle during a romantic meal, then make sure it’s not going to overpower the smell of the food. You may want to opt for a lighter scent to combat this.

It’s not just romantic dinners where scented candles can be used. You may want to treat your partner or date to a relaxing massage or use a scented candle to accompany a relaxing soak in the bath to help your partner unwind after a long day.

What Romantic Candles Should You Go For?

Hotel Scents specialize in creating carefully curated scents for both homes and businesses. Their collection of candles provides the perfect companion to any romantic setting. Browse the online store for romantic candles smelling of everything from lemongrass to healing aloe vera. 

Hotel Scents' romantic candles are around 11 oz in weight, giving the candle a burn time of 11 hours, meaning you can use the candle more than once. Contact the experts at Hotel Scents today to discover the romantic secrets that candles hold, and get your questions answered on your scenting and candle needs. 

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