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HVAC Scent Machine For Automotive Showroom

Article: HVAC Scent Machine For Automotive Showroom

HVAC Scent Machine For Automotive Showroom

Purchasing a new car is, for most, not an everyday experience. It’s an expensive purchase, one that takes much deliberation and is a prime life experience. Designers of automotive showrooms spend a great deal of time determining aspects such as color, layout, display… In short, all the features that are appealing to the senses of potential purchasers.

Taking this into account, the next logical step is to also target the sense of smell through the relatively new concept of scent marketing.

First Impressions Count

More importantly, there’s only a single chance to make a first impression. The moment a person steps through a door into a car showroom that vital first impression is cemented within. The power of scent plays a major part in this—subconsciously influencing perception and, when done right, forever creating a link between the brand and the smell. In addition, scent—the right scent—can have a significant impact on human behavior, with a crafted fragrance instilling a desire to linger, browse, and increase the motivation to purchase.

The concept of creating aromas that influence customer behavior isn’t new. Airlines and high-end hotels are obvious examples that spring to mind. But brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Nike also successfully scent their stores, not only to create that all-important link between aroma and brand but to positively influence the browsing and purchasing behaviors of their customers.

Within the automotive industry, this is a powerful tool. Clever use of the appropriate scent can have a far-reaching effect, resulting in brand recognition and, ultimately, increased sales.

Scent Machines for Uniform Scenting

Scent Machine For Car ShowroomThe key to successfully scenting an automotive showroom is to first determine the aroma that best suits the target market. This is a highly skilled task and one that’s best approached through the concept of aromachology. This niche science is the study of the influence of various odors on the human brain and its relationship between feelings and emotions.

The second vital aspect is the delivery method of the scent to the showroom space. HVAC scent machines are the ultimate tool by which to do this—easy to use machines that slot into existing heating and climate control systems to deliver a uniform scent throughout the space through a process called “cold air diffusion.” This new and innovative technology offers a simple, clean, ultra-quiet scenting solution far superior to previous methods, and ideally suited to environments such as car showrooms.

Invisible Marketing Magic

Perhaps not quite magic, but working with expert aromachologists to determine a specific individual scent for an automotive sales environment is a crucial step to positively impact customer experience and sales. This is where partnering with a company such as Scents is vital to successfully take advantage of this proven marketing concept. 

The journey from initial customer browsing to taking possession of the keys of their new ride is complex, and the use of scent is the final marketing frontier. To find out more about how HVAC scent machines can positively influence the behaviors of your customers, visit

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