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The Fairmont Signature Scent

Article: The Fairmont Signature Scent

The Fairmont Signature Scent

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel at night

Fairmont Feeling

The Fairmont is one of the top global luxury chain hotels with over 70 properties around the world. Not only is it known for providing an opulent hospitality experience, but its signature scent is beyond captivating the moment you walk in. The appealing ambiguity scent of the rose with spicy and woodsy notes allows their guests to be immersed in the prestigious world-class hotel. The hotel leaves such an everlasting impression that will have every guests coming back just for the scent on top of the ambiance they strive to provide.

The creation behind the signature scent - Le Labo’s Rose 31

Fairmont partnered with Le Labo in 2011 to create the iconic distinctive scent of “Rose 31” that has complemented the unique architecture and décor of the hotel. The fragrance unleashes a rose essence followed by cumin, cedar, and amber notes that represent the sophisticated hospitality of the 5-star hotel. They aim to perfectly harmonize the masculine and feminine fragrance of the floral woody and musk scent to create what is now known as the signature scent at the Fairmont, that their guest is able to take home the fragrance scented shampoo to conditioner to body location.

The inspiration behind the signature scent – Desert Rose  

We wanted to create an inspiration for the scent and allow other businesses, and homeowners to enjoy the luxurious signature scent. Our Desert Rose does exactly that, bringing a similar impactful fragrance that will elevate any space. The wild rose aromatic note, earthy oud wood, and frankincense is a true reflection of the Fairmont signature scent all in a bottle. The scenting oil embodies the deep, rich, and warm notes creating a decadent olfactory of lush aromas that will tantalize the sensory experiences unlike any other.  

Hotel Scents Desert Rose Graphic Image

Bring the hotel experience home or to your business and create a similar “Fairmont Feeling” with our Desert Rose oil while diffusing with our scent diffusers. Transform any space with the scent of true luxury when you disperse this scent! 

Disclaimer: Our “Desert Rose” scents are not the official scents of the registered brands mentioned but are our interpretations of those scents and may contain different components. Neither Hotel Scents by Aroma360® nor its scenting products are endorsed by or affiliated with the brands mentioned and are used for comparative purposes only. 

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